To add more stores to your account, click on the current store name in the bottom-left corner and select "Add store". Input the Shopify URL of the store you're looking to access (such as

If you have the proper permissions within Shopify to install apps, you can click Connect at this time to create that integration. If another team member (or the store owner) will be managing this, click Activate Later to continue on to set up the subscription plan for this store.

If you'll also be passing along the subscription setup to another team member or to the store owner, simply click Pay Later. If you'll be making the subscription yourself, then build your plan and click Continue to carry on towards payment.

If you click Pay Later, you'll be brought back to your Pod. Anyone with access to your Pod can setup the payment plan or connect with Shopify at any time. You can also invite team members at this time by clicking the Settings icon in the right-hand corner of the store.

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